When must a fuel spill be reported?

reporting fuel spill

Fuel spills harm human life and the environment, which is why it is important to know how long you should leave it before reporting them.

When a fuel spill occurs – how fast do you need to act?

When a fuel spill occurs, it is crucial to act quickly to prevent material from spreading far and potentially causing severe harm to water, land and human life.

Some fuel spills may be minor. However, no matter how severe, you should respond accordingly and speedily.

Even minor spills can be destructive and require immediate attention. For example, fuel like petrol emit fumes, which means it poses a fire risk or can cause an explosion as well as having the potential to become a health hazard.

With that in mind, at the first sign of a fuel spill you should consider using absorbent pads and booms to try to stop it spreading further.

Pads act quickly by soaking up puddles from hard surfaces, or removing them from loose ground like soil and gravel. Booms function by safeguarding waterways and preventing fuel from spilling into drains and open pipes.

However, when it comes to fuel spills, there is only so much you can do by yourself and the next step is to contact a team of professionals who will effectively and rapidly take charge of a clean-up.

When does a spill need to be reported for the best possible outcome?

While many people think that they might leave the spill for a while, the sooner a spill is contained, the better.

There are many benefits of reporting a fuel spill, including reducing the likelihood of environmental damage, minimising the surface area that the spill can cover, and decreasing the amount of time it takes to clean up.

A spill should be reported immediately if the spill is causing, or is likely to have, a negative impact.

Who should it be reported to?

Although spill kits can be a good way to contain a spill, you should always report it to experts in the field of land remediation.

Because fuel spillages can pose risks to public health and the environment, they should always be handled by qualified professionals who possess the appropriate equipment and the knowledge to clean up properly.

Who can deal with and clean up a fuel spill?

A clean-up should never be delayed, and it is important to make sure it is handled by professionals that know how to deal with a fuel spillage incident appropriately.

Thankfully, the specialist team at DHI Excavations is on hand to dispose of any fuel spills that present a risk of harm.

As experts in land remediation, the treatment of contaminated soil and clean-up procedures, we are prepared to deal with fuel and oil spills, hazardous materials and more.

We can assess the site and offer you a comprehensive report of what needs to be done to contain and then fix the issue.

So, why not get in contact with the team to check out our impressive array of services?

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