DHI Policies & Compliance

Social & Corporate Responsibility Policy

Issue Date: 01/11/2022

Approved by: Khurram Fiaz

Social & Corporate Responsibility Policy

1. Customers

We aim to be a good supplier by:

• Providing a high-quality product that is of long-term benefit.

• Providing a totally competitive product in terms of price and scalability.

• Developing and maintaining excellent relations with our customers, dealing with them directly and responsively, and providing the highest levels of customer service.

2. Employees

We aim to be a good employer. Our objectives for achieving this are to:

• Operate clear and fair terms of employment and remuneration policies.

• Avoid discrimination in our recruitment, staff training, development and promotion policies.

• Nurture the enthusiasm and commitment of staff, encouraging all employees to have a say in how we operate.

• Enhance the performance of management and staff through ongoing training, skills and knowledge development.

3. Suppliers

We aim to build excellent long-term relationships with our suppliers by being a responsible purchaser of goods and services:

• Wherever possible, to procure from within our own customer base, as long as customers are competitive on price and quality.

• Make payments to others for goods and services received within 30 days of the date of invoice.

• Engage with our principal suppliers on their own commitment to environmental and social responsibility, seeking wherever appropriate to influence them to adopt our approach.

4. Marketplace

We aim to operate as a good corporate citizen by:

• Adhering to a strict policy on bribery and corruption.

• Ensuring that all advertising and marketing materials are truthful and not misleading.

• Promoting competitive behaviour that is socially and environmentally beneficial.

5. Environment

We aim to reduce any direct adverse environmental impacts, wherever we have managerial control, and to influence others to reduce those that are indirect. As a minimum standard, we will fully comply with all relevant legislation and, wherever possible, look for opportunities to make a positive contribution to the environments in which we operate.

We aim to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance over time. Our environmental objectives cover the following core activities:

• Recycling of paper, packaging and consumables.

• Donation of replaced computer hardware to local worthy causes.

More specifically, we seek to:

• Communicate with our existing contractors and suppliers on environmental matters, ensuring that they are aware of our level of commitment.

• Communicate with our customers and encourage them to address the environmental impacts of their own business processes.