Land Deployment and Green Waste Services

Land Deployment of Green Waste

Safe, effective, and sustainable green waste recycling services.

We provide a safe, effective, and sustainable solution for disposing of green waste material through land deployment. Our service involves stockpiling waste on suitable land and spreading for agricultural benefit.

Using our database, we source suitable landowners where an agricultural benefit can be achieved and once agreed, we undertake all the Environment Agency’s measures to ensure full compliance.

How we collect and spread green waste across nominated areas of land depends on the type of waste. 

We have access to a fleet of the latest-specification tankers, equipped with the latest technologies, including Super-Vac technology.

Access to the land area is also considered, as is the nutrient composition of the waste, and the nominated land area. Regardless of quantity, we can help.

Our teams hold the necessary qualifications, including WAMITAB, and from our years of experience, we possess an in-depth knowledge of permit-specific requirements, so we stay fully compliant and within the law.  

Green waste recycling with DHI.

Green waste recycling methods


Green waste is broken down into a rich, soil-like substance called compost. This enriches soil and adds nutrients for growth.

Anaerobic digestion

Microorganisms are used to break down waste to create biogas and nutrient-rich fertiliser called digestate.


Incineration involves burning green waste for heat or electricity production. This method can be useful when landfill waste is limited.


Though not ideal, green waste may be sent to a landfill where it is compacted and covered with soil, reducing greenhouse gas.

Benefits of land deployment of green waste with DHI

Spreading green(and other compliant) waste over designated areas of land has numerous benefits. When done properly, waste is naturally broken down and absorbed into the soil. This method of disposal is not only safe for the environment, and sustainable, but is very cost-effective for developers looking to dispose of their green waste.

Where land deployment is unfeasible, green waste may be sent to a landfill where it is compacted and covered with soil. While this is not ideal, it can still help to reduce greenhouse gases.


Land spreading is a cost-effective solution for green waste management, as it can reduce the need for waste disposal facilities and their associated costs.

Improve soil quality

Land spreading can improve soil quality by adding nutrients and organic matter, which can promote plant growth and improve soil health.

Renewable energy

Green waste can provide a valuable source of renewable energy, as some waste materials can be converted into biofuels or biogas through anaerobic digestion.

Reduce carbon emissions

Land spreading can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, as waste decomposition in landfills produces methane, a greenhouse gas.

Reduce water pollution

Land spreading can reduce the risk of water pollution by preventing toxic substances from entering water sources.

Knowledge & Experience

We are waste management specialists. We know how to safely recycle and dispose of your waste, ensuring full compliance. Trust DHI Excavations for your waste recycling and disposal requirements.

To learn more about our tankers and our land deployment strategies and compliance, talk to us, we can help.

Land Deployment and Green Waste Services

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