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When fuel spills occur, it’s important to respond quickly but sensibly.

A fuel spill must not be ignored, and its cleanup should be handled by a qualified team with the right training and equipment.

DHI Excavations knows how to address fuel spillage incidents and go above and beyond in our pursuit of land remediation.

We stand out among fuel spill cleanup companies through our commitment to reusing and recycling material wherever possible and reducing carbon emissions.

What to do in the event a fuel spill occurs

When a fuel spill occurs, it’s important to assess the seriousness of the incident before rushing into a response. It must be noted that even minor spills demand some level of active response, and can’t just be covered up and forgotten.

Ideal early responses to a fuel spill include using absorbent pads and booms to try and limit the spread of the fuel. Pads can soak up puddles from hard surfaces or help to draw it out of loose ground like soil and gravel.

Booms help to protect waterways and stops fuel travelling further by spilling into drains or open pipes.

Once you’ve taken early preventative and remedial measures, the best next step to take is to contact a company that can handle the true cleanup.

Fuel spill cleanup companies have access to the necessary heavy equipment to excavate and clean contaminated land, or remove it from site and dispose of it if necessary.

The company you contact will likely give you helpful information and guidance to follow while you wait for them to arrive. If the fuel spill has occurred in the vicinity of any possible sources of ignition, it’s wise to turn them off if it is safe and easy to do so, or to vacate the area if not.

Fuel can spill from various sources, most commonly from a vehicle’s fuel tank that has been damaged or become corroded over time.

Prevention can be better than the cure, and taking time to frequently check your fuel tanks and other places where fuel is stored can stop spills before they take place.

How soon to act and call for assistance

For all but the most incredibly minor fuel spills, you need to act immediately and call for assistance shortly thereafter.

Unless only a few drops of fuel have been spilt, a full response is needed.

This is because large quantities of fuel don’t simply soak into the ground and disappear. Fuel can enter waterways or contaminate groundwater. It can also harm aquatic life, as well as local animal and plant life.

The sooner assistance can be lent to the incident, the less chance of serious harm occurring to anyone or anything.

Fuels like petrol give off lots of fumes, giving them a high risk of catching fire, causing explosions, or becoming a health hazard through inhalation.

Wherever large amounts of it are spilled, multiple compounding issues quickly follow and the risk posed by the contaminated zone can quickly become complex.

Trying to mop up the fuel spillage, while helpful, is not enough to mitigate all of these risks.

Warning signs that a fuel spill is possible or imminent

Fuel gives off a strong and distinct smell, especially petrol. It’s not always easy to narrow down the source of petrol fumes as they spread so easily in the air, but a persistent strong smell of fuel can be a sign that a spill has occurred undetected or of a leaking tank.

If you or others on your site can smell persistent fumes long after a fuel tank has been used, it’s worth investigating further for any puddles or signs of a spill in the area of fuel storage tanks or vehicles.

Another sign of a possible spill is carelessness shown when handling fuel. Leaving fuel tanks unattended with loose caps or continuing to use damaged tanks are cases of negligence that can easily lead to spills.

Improper storage of fuel can also lead to spills. This might involve stacking cans in a way that is unsafe or haphazard, or keeping fuel cans in a place where they can be easily knocked or run over. Fuel should instead be stored in a safe location away from the most focused areas of site traffic, and returned to this safe storage area once finished with.

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