DHI Policies & Compliance

Environmental Policy

Issue Date: 01/11/2022

Approved by: Khurram Fiaz

Environmental Policy


This policy sets out the intentions and working practises of DHI Excavations in relation to the management, development and consideration of Environmental impact from the undertakings of the Company.

DHI Excavations also recognises and accepts fully without reservation the policy of Contractor’s requirements relating to environmental protection.


The objective of the Company is to help maintain; using reasonably practicable means; a safe environment not only for our employees, but also for all others who are affected by the services we provide.


The Company is committed to meeting or wherever possible exceeding all Government Regulatory and Legislative requirements. Regular Management Meetings take place to discuss where current legislative requirements affect the services we provide and where the Company can reduce its impact on the environment.

Statement of Intent

The Company is committed to ensuring that a System exists for the best reasonable management of good environmental working conditions, equipment that limits noise and pollution and Systems of Work which minimise the impact of the services provided by the Company on the Environment.

The Company will provide such information, instruction and training to employees so they may achieve the Companies aims, at the same time enhance their own working environment.

The Companies Management Team, who has overall responsibility, will appoint a Senior Executive for these matters and this post-holder will ensure that such a system of effective Environmental Management and, control and development exist and is correctly and adequately implemented throughout the Company.

Specific Aims

The Company is committed to maintaining an effective Environmental Policy by ensuring that where reasonably practicable sufficient financial and human resources are made available for the management, control and development of Environmental Matters.

These resources will be used to ensure there are sufficient personnel to monitor and audit the Companies activities and where necessary, recommend changes to existing working practices or materials.

The Company will utilise any one or more of the following categories to achieve these aims.

Reduce energy consumption by the utilisation of energy saving devices where possible.

The use of recyclable materials and packaging wherever possible.

The consideration for use of alternative products which are valued as more environmentally friendly than those currently in use.
The reduction or elimination through selection and subsequent preventative maintenance of pollutant releases, from plant or equipment.

The selection of suppliers who themselves have a positive and pro-active Environmental Policy and supporting procedures.

The strict control of waste discharges and disposal.

A system of emergency procedures to deal with any reasonably foreseeable environmental emergency.

The licensing of any process undertaken by the Company that is required by Legislation.

The prompt reporting and respectful observance of archaeological finds.

The limitation of noise; as part of direct service provision by the Company otherwise; for any process or activity under the Companies control.

Adherence to any requirements in respect of SSSI’s, wildlife sanctuaries and other wildlife sites.

The strict control of any process that may have an adverse impact on the local flora and fauna.

Monitoring information and actions of external environmental organisations and attending meetings or training where appropriate.

Administration Arrangements

The Managing Director will ensure that an adequate system of documentation exists for the management, supervision and implementation of this Environmental Policy and that the system is reviewed regularly and where necessary revisions or amendments incorporated into the Policy, to ensure the best on going environmental practise.

All employees are to be constantly vigilant of the environmental requirements of the Company, as well as other parties. Any concerns over any environmental issues felt by any employee must be brought to the immediate attention of their Line Manager or any other responsible person who may be involved in or around any Contract.

The activities and materials used to deliver the Companies services will be continually monitored in the form of Supplier Audits and Quality Assurance Questionnaires. This is to enable new, safer and more environmentally friendly working practices to be developed and utilised. This is recognised as being on going and therefore a dynamic process.


Environmental performance will be monitored firstly in the Site Inspection, which is carried out by the Company Safety Advisor on a monthly basis.

The Company Safety Advisor will audit the Companies Environmental performance and management of its policy during the Bi-annual Company Health Safety and Environment Audit.


The Company will ensure that any employee charged with the responsibility for managing, supervising or taking part in this process to any and all degrees, is adequately trained sufficient for and dependent upon their needs.

Financial Provision

The Company will ensure that reasonable, adequate financial provision is made available to fund the management, supervision and implementation of the Environmental issues laid down in this Policy.