DHI Excavations

Unlocking value for clients and communities with smarter materials management.

DHI Hub is our centralised database of site-surplus/waste materials and site-required materials, for all sites we remediate – across all our clients.

When tasked with remediation activity, we build a clear picture of available surplus and waste materials, and the materials another site may need to achieve compliance. We are ideally placed to source materials from one site for placement into another.

Across our client base, we have over 300 active development sites in the north-west of England, and we have a team of dedicated DHI ‘Hubsters’ – our contact centre teams focussed on placing excess material from one site to where it is needed at another site.

We bridge all our client sites, and encourage them to join the DHI Hub, so surplus and waste materials from their remediated sites can be re-used at any other site, elsewhere.

Environmental & commercial outcomes.

Through the DHI Hub, all our clients enjoy considerable cost savings and process efficiencies, while retaining their commitment to reducing carbon emissions, avoiding landfill, and safeguarding the environment.

Saved by Clients using our DHI Hub in 2021
Tonnes of material reused across sites
Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved
Litres of diesel saved avoiding landfill

Reduce Your

Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your
Landfill Waste

Improve Your
Process Efficiency


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