What are the costs of cleaning oil spills?

What are the costs of cleaning oil spills

An oil spill can quickly become devastating to the local environment, and expensive to rectify.

Tackling the spill, and its source, as quickly and professionally as possible is essential to minimise risk and limit any damage.

When an oil spill occurs, whatever its size, an immediate response is essential.

Absorbent materials and barriers should be used to contain it before contacting a professional clean-up service.

Experts ensure the spill is cleared quickly, reducing the potential for further environmental harm and the threat to public health. If an oil spill isn’t handled promptly, then costs can quickly spiral.

With that in mind, what is the likely oil spill clean-up cost and what factors determine how much you will have to pay?

What is taken into consideration to determine the oil spill clean-up cost?

Several factors determine the overall oil spill clean-up cost.

Each oil spill is different, and will a distinct challenge to those tasked with clearing it.

First, the size and scope of the spill will be the most significant factor in the overall oil spill clean-up cost.

The larger the spill, the more resources will be required to tackle it. Bigger spills also have more potential to cause harm, spreading over wider areas and having a broader range of impacts.

The type of oil that’s spilled, and its specific properties, might also influence the clean-up approach.

The precise location and environment in which the spill occurs is another important factor, with some of the more sensitive sites requiring specialised techniques.

In general, an oil spill’s clean-up cost will be reduced if you act quickly and calmly, doing what you can to absorb and contain the spill safely prior to clean-up team’s arrival.

A slow, or inappropriate, response risks creating greater problems and may require remedial action that increases the overall financial cost of a clean-up operation.

What are the costs associated with cleaning oil spills?

As outlined above, expenses associated with cleaning oil spills can vary depending on factors such as the size of the spills, the type of oil involved and the overall impact on the environment.

The costs will typically include containment efforts, followed by the cost of clean-up and recovery, ensuring that oil is removed from the contaminated areas.

Environmental, legal and regulatory requirements will also need to be complied with, all of which can add to the oil spill clean-up cost. Proper waste management and disposal are also likely to incur extra costs.

Thorough, cost-effective and sustainable oil spill clean-up services

 At DHI Excavations, we are the North West’s leading site clearance and waste materials management specialists.

We understand how to tackle fuel spill incidents quickly and effectively and, unlike other clearance specialists, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

To find out more about our oil spill clean-up services, or for professional advice and assistance when dealing with an oil spill, contact our experienced team.

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