Contaminated Soil Removal

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Specialists in the treatment and remediation of hazardous waste.

Busy industrial and construction sites can cause soils to be contaminated with chemicals, oils, heavy metals, and more, rendering them health hazards.

Our specialist experience in contaminated soil disposal, removal, and remediation is the answer.

We can extract the affected ground from your location for the testing and disposal of contaminated soil, all conducted either on or off-site with stabilisation and screening as necessary.

We are committed to putting the environment first, and we demonstrate these values through remediation and sustainable best practice. Our use of treatment facilities ensures that contaminated soil can be treated before simply going to waste in landfill, then reused as valuable cover material free from contaminants.

Our treatment facilities can treat soils contaminated with anything ranging from elevated hydrocarbons to asbestos, and our hazardous management team offers a full waste management service which includes soil disposal for all hazardous materials under EWC codes. 

Hazardous Waste - Contaminated Soil

Our specialist team approaches each instance of contaminated soil with a safe, structured methodology that involves segregation of any hotspots on site, creating complete consignment notes, and delivering a full segregation plan and statement.

It takes deep knowledge and a broad perspective to properly assess contaminated soil disposal and find the best solutions for each site. Our team knows the risks and requirements associated with the disposal of contaminated soil affected by all of these materials and more.

Treated soils are also exempt from landfill tax, which allows us to deliver cost savings for our clients through contaminated soil removal while being both sustainable and compliant.

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